skype usb to rj11 adaptor

1.You have to sit in front of the computer
2.Sometime you will miss your call when you leave
3.It is not convenient for using speaker and microphone
4.some echo and backgound noise
1. Relax your body, you can lie in sofa and free
2. This is an easy adaptor between USB Port and regular telephone port (RJ11) for Skype Voice communication
4.You can make/answer Skype calls by your regular telephone(you can dial by your regular phone), of course include your cordless phone(you can dial anywhere such as bedroom, kitchen)
4.It is easy-to-use for both office and home accessing Skype

1. Need not stay before your computer.
2. Use cordless telephone in your bedroom or kitchen to make skype call .
3. Include skype out and regular call. Never miss your call .