HP B9100/B9180/B8850
Continuous Ink System

HP B9100/B9180/B8850<br>Continuous Ink System
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Product Description

HP B9100/B9180?B8850 Continuous Ink System

This continuous ink system is specially designed for HP B9100, B9180, B8850 printer that use the HP 38 cartridges.

1. No more Ink Cartridges purchase, No more Cartridges replacement. Refillable ink tanks allow countless refill.
2. Easy to install it. Anyone can install this Continuous Ink System within 5 minutes.
3. Save up to 95% printing cost
4. True system ready for "Plug & Play".
5. Use on any type of paper.
6. High page yield.
7. Doesn't require you "pump the ink" to get it work.
8. If you run out of ink, you will only need to buy the ink refills for this system. simply pour the ink refill into the tanks.
9. This system does not need chip resetter, this chips can reset themselves automatically
10. No sponge, No drilled hole
11. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The whole system consists of a set of empty cartridges with tubes attached, auto reset chips, 8 reservoir bottles(100ml), 8 tubing brackets, 8 vacuum pumps assembly for filling and installation instructions. The inks are optional. Select the inks you wish to use. These cartridges work fine with most dye-based, pigment.

The differences : Dye Ink, Pigment Ink

Installation Manual.pdf