Finger Pulse Oximeter SPO2 Blood Oxygen, Oxygen Monitors

Finger Pulse Oximeter SPO2 Blood Oxygen, Oxygen Monitors
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Product Description

Finger Pulse Oximeter, Oxygen Monitors, Oxygen Monitors

FDA 510k Approved

* A fingertip device that measures blood oxygen saturation(%SP02)and pulse rate. Designed for sports enthusiasts; including mountain climbers, hikers, skiers and bikers.
* The Finger Pulse Oximeter shines red and infrared light through a finger and detects the fluctuating signals caused by blood flow. Pulse rate is determined from the signals received by a light detector. The ratio of the fluctuation of the red and infrared light signals is used to calculate the blood oxygen saturation of hemoglobin.
* Blood Oxygen Saturation (%SpO2): Displays percent oxygen saturation of blood.
* Pulse Rate: Displays the number of pulses per minute.
* Pulse Quality: Blinks green, yellow, or red to indicate changes in pulse quality.
* A pulse oximeter tells you what percent of your hemoglobin molecules are carrying oxygen - your blood oxygen saturation or %SpO2. A %SpO2 reading of 97 tells you that 97% of your hemoglobin molecules are carrying oxygen.
* Two AAA-size batteries power the SportStat for approximately 1,600 spot checks. When the batteries are low, the numeric displays flash once per second. The SportStat will automatically shut off (to conserve battery life) approximately 10 seconds after a finger is removed. SportStat's advanced digital circuitry requires no adjustment (calibration) or periodic maintenance other than battery replacement.

Finger Pulse Oximeter SPO2 Blood Oxygen Features:

* Provides accurate blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate data in seconds
* Easy to use; automatically turns on/off with finger insertion/removal
* Compact size fits easily into a pocket
* Built to withstand extreme conditions
* Operating ranges: up to 30,000 feet (9,144 meters) of altitude and up to three atmospheres of pressure
* Weighs less than 2 ounces (60 grams)
* Bright LED display is highly visible in the dark
* Moisture resistant
* Provides up to 1,600 spot checks using two AAA alkaline batteries
* Low battery indicator

Finger Pulse Oximeter SPO2 Blood Oxygen Package Content:
* Finger Pulse Oximeter x1
* AAA 1.5V Battery x2
* Convenient lanyard x1
* Original English Users Guide x1