Rechargeable Hearing Aids, in the canal type

Rechargeable Hearing Aids, in the canal type
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Rechargeable Hearing Aids, in the canal type

Elders don't need to fumble in the dark to find their hearing aids. LED lights within light up when the lid is opened. The small ITC (In the Canal) hearing aid is volume-adjustable with low distortion and noise. Each runs continuously for 12 hours and can be recharged to up to 1,000 times. Power is supplied by either AC adapter or 2 AAA batteries. Recharging automatically shuts off when the hearing aid battery is full. Comes in a set of one or two hearing aids.

* One set in the case
* Assist you day and night with trouble-free operation
* Deft miniature hearing aid with low distortion and noise
* Easily adjust the volume to suit your own personal need
* Hides discreetly and comfortably rests in both right and left ears
* Ultra-small body to fit into the ear canal deeper
*LED night tube to assist you day and night with trouble-free operation when open
* Eliminate the need for expensive replacement batteries
* Frequency Response Range: 2500Hz
* Equivalent input noise level < 29dB SPL
* Rechargeable Battery: Rechargeable ML1220 for 12 hours use per each charge
* Max time of recharge 1000 times
* Circuit discharge protection
* Automatically power off when not in use

* Frequency Response Range: 2500Hz
* Hearing aid type: In the canal
* Max gain: 29 5 (SPL 90 dB/in)
* Hearing aid size: 11* 14 * 24 mm
* Hearing aid weight: 2.4 g

Set includes:
*3 ear caps (large, medium and small)
*Cleaning brush
*2 batteries

Patents and approvals:
*Patented in: USA, UK, Taiwan, Japan, German, China, Australia
*CE Medical Approved: CE 0434
*FDA Registered: 3005053820
*Japan Medical License: No 34BY0018
*Korea Medical License: 2004-QSL-AQ-0100
*Taiwan Medical License: 000184

Regulatory Approvals: ISO 13485, CE, FDA, RoHS

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