HP 500/800 Ink Level Decoder

HP 500/800 Ink Level Decoder
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HP company added an encrypt counting chip to the Ink Cartridge of its HP500, HP500PS, HP800, HP800PS series printer, so its cartridge is disposable and only dye inks produced by HP company can be employed. Therefore, there is no use for other compatible dye inks. The original prices for dye inks produced by HP Company are more than ten times dearer than dye inks of other brands. Our company developed this external-hanging style electronic card in order that users could have broader choices of better dye inks whose performances are as good and prices much lower.

1) Please take out the chip on the cartridge or use tape to cover the chips. Take out the cover of the right side of the machine (the monitor side)
2) Pull out the 9 blue pin from the J4 circuit board (9 cores electronic outlet) and insert it into the P4(9 cores electronic outlet) of the resetter.
3) Insert the 9 cores pin connected to the J4 (9 core electronic outlet) of the resetter into the J4 electronic board.
4) Fix the resetter to the vacancy of the machine. Pay attention to the insulator.
5) Put back the cover and start the machine.

Remark: There is no need to connect other electronic outlet.