Skype Phone FAQ and Trouble Shooting

Prior to contacting us, please see User Manual for information on how to get started using the PhoneSkype. For answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the PhoneSkype, please see the FAQ, which is updated frequently. If the problem still couldn't be solved, contact us at
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General Questions

1. When I play a MP3 or CD music, the audio comes from the USB phone. How to have the music played back from the PC¡¯s sound card?

After you install the USB phone, the default audio device in the system will change to "USB Audio Device". So, if the USB phone is connected, you can hear sound playing from the USB phone whenever you play mp3 or audio CD. To play the music from your speaker, you should set your PC¡¯s sound card as the preferred audio device. Please follow the steps below:

¡°Start¡± ¡ú ¡°Settings¡± ¡ú ¡°Control Panel¡± ¡ú ¡°Sound and Multimedia¡± ¡ú ¡°Audio¡± ¡ú

When the corresponding window appears, please check if the preferred devices for ¡°Playback¡± and ¡°Recording¡± are your PC¡¯s sound card.

2. Why sometime I can hear an echo of myself with half a second delay?

In the USB phone, there are acoustically isolated speaker and microphone to eliminate echo so there is no echo in the other side. However you would deal with echo if the other side uses desktop speakers and a separate microphone because your speech played from his speaker would come back thru his microphone. If both sides use high-quality USB phone, no echo at all.

3.Skype ask me to put the symbol "+" before the phone number but the phone doesn't have this symbol in the keypad.

You can dail "00" before the phone number when Skypeout.

PhoneSkype SK-04 Questions

1. Why the phone is able to work with other PC-based softphone applications, such as MSN, Yahoo Message, Xten, Dialpad, MediaRing, Net2phone?

The USB phone¡¯s audio, keypad and ringer work fine with any PC-based softphone. The USB phone is a standard audio device in Windows so you can set the USB phone as audio input/output. It is also a standard USB keyboard in Windows so you can dial number from the keypad and then press OK button to make a call. And there is a built-in speaker in the USB phone, which would be ringing loudly on an incoming call.

But the six hotkeys (Hangup, Answer, Mute. Search, Ignore and Skype), off-hook and on-hook are not supported when used with all other applications.

Can the PhoneSkype SK-04 be used in Mac OS, Linux, Palm OS and Packet PC? Yes, it can. The phone conforms to standard USB protocols and it would be recognized as a USB audio and a USB keyboard by OS so you can use it similarly as in Windows.

2. Can I use a headset with the PhoneSkype SK-04?

Yes, you can. There are two audio jacks (microphone /speaker) for headset in the front of the USB phone.

3. How to change the phone¡¯s ring tone?

Click on File->Options, and go to the tab Ring Tones. Select the wave files you prefer as the ring tones. You can download the cool ring tones at Ring Tones

Trouble shooting

PhoneSkype SK-04

1. When I press OK button, Skype starts Instant Message instead of making call.

Click on File->Options, and go to the tab General. Change the options as shown in the following illustration.

2. The Phoneskype SK-04 doesn¡¯t ring when there is an incoming call.

Select Play ringtone in the tab Call Alerts. Click Save to accept the changed configuration.

3. The speech is played from the PC¡¯s sound card instead of the USB phone.

Click on File->Options, and go to the tab Hand/headsets.

On the screen, you can see three sound device settings. Please set Audio in, Audio out and Ringing to the USB Phone device. Make sure that the check box Disable Skype support for USB devices is unchecked.

4. The keypad doesn¡¯t work with Skype.

Please check whether the hotkeys for Skype have been set correctly. For more information, refer to the PhoneSkype SK-04 User Manual chapter 2.3 Set the Hotkeys for Skype.