Skype phone supporting multiple languages display

Skype phone supporting multiple languages display
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Product Description

1. Humanized operation panel, close to mobile phone operation mode
2. Directly dial Skype, Skypeout number
3. Mute, hands free function
4. LCD backlight four row display
5. In call display
6. Friendly menu display, on-line friendly display
7. Built-in ring, user may edit the rings.
8. Supporting multiple languages display
9. Inquiry of numbers for not answered call/answered call/dialed call and the calling time.
10. Statistic of not answered calls
11. Available to be used as ˇ°USB sound card + speaker cabinetˇ± under hands free mode.
12. Redial/dial back function
13. Friendly menu, rapid up/down paging function
14. Volume adjustable during a call
15. Skypeout balance display
16. Replacing mouse to operate SKYPE software in computer
17. Standard USB1.1 interface
18. Built-in 16bit sound card
19. Dual channel sound effect controller, available to connect external stereo earphone + MIC.
20. Built-in 20kHz frequency width speaker

Free Skype phone software (Updated on Aug 29 2006)software enables this phone to seamlessly integrate with Skype

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Note: We update our software frequently, please download the latest software after skype releases a new version.