skype phone--Desktop type

skype phone--Desktop type
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Product Description

Skype Phone
skype usb phone
skype internet phone

Key Features

1.High quality Voice-over-IP calls
By using powerful Digital Signal Processor, this skype phone is able to deliver an echo free, full duplex audio through the Internet. This Phone is the next-generation USB phone manufactured specifically for Skype with cutting-edge technology. Simply plug it into the USB port on your PC or laptop, and you can make/receive Skype calls just as you would be on a regular telephone. Its high sound quality and state-of-art design have made it a perfect Skype accessory for both office and home use, and this skype phone Supports Windows, Linux(sound functionality only), Mac(sound functionality only), and Pocket PC.

2. Plug-and-Play, Grab-and-Go
With its compact size and USB interface, this skype USB phone is your ultimate travel companion. You can take it with you wherever you go. Just plug in any computer with an available USB port and an Internet connection, along with voice chat or ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider, such as Net2Phone, Dialpad, Mediaring and PC-Telephone.) applications on it, and you are ready to make long distance calls to any phone in the world or global call to any PC.

3. PC to PC, and PC to Phone dialing capabilities

4. Full duplex audio, echo cancellation

5. Microsoft interface for USB audio devices Compatible With all popular VoIP soft dialers

6. Seamless integration with Skype without need of any special drivers or plug-in software

7. Phone rings loudly on an incoming call

8. Fully functional keypad enables you to make/receive calls even easier

9. Hook switch allows for intuitive answering/ending Skype calls

10. Acoustically isolated speaker and microphone to eliminate echo

11. USB Interface PnP. No external power/sound card required

12. Built-in headset jack

13. Hands-free microphone and speaker

14. Also compatible with other PC-based softphone applications, such as MSN, Yahoo Message, Xten, Dialpad, MediaRing, Net2phone and etc.

15. Easy integration into your custom applications with the FREE API

16.No external power required

17.Commercial grade high quality speakerphone, ideal for conference call

18.15-day money-back guarantee

PhoneSkype Datasheet

PhoneSkype User Manual

Download Ring tones

Download Skype Hotkeys

FAQ & Trouble Shooting

Prior to contacting us, please see User Manual for information on how to get started using the PhoneSkype. For answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the PhoneSkype, please see the FAQ & Trouble Shooting, which is updated frequently. If the problem still couldn't be solved, contact us at

System Requirements
1. Pentium-based PC above processor/64MB Ram/10MB free hard disk capacity with USB port
2. Any Internet connection, such as Dial up modem, ISDN, Cable modem, xDSL, LAN and Leased line
3. Broadband or 56Kbps Analog