Au-600 skype usb to rj11 adaptor with forwarding function

Au-600 skype usb to rj11 adaptor with forwarding function
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Product Description

This item is discontinued.Please check the following one: Skype adapter with forwarding function

Do you want to forward your Skype's call to your cell phone and make Skype's calls from your mobile phone?

Do you want to make/receive skype calls by regular phone?

This skype USB to RJ11 adaptor integrates the current adaptor function and Personal Phone Gateway (PPG) function.

1. Voice Mail function,Manage Skype voice mail in regular phone. All messages from skype calls and PSTN calls can be recorded.
2. Forward Skype calls to your mobile phone(it is free, no skype credits needed)
3. Make/Receive Skype calls from your mobile phone even when you are away from your computer(it is free, no skype credits needed)
4.Make 3-way conference call between PSTN and Skype
5.Record functionality
6. Switch between a Skype call and a regular phone call
7. If your phone supports Caller ID, then the Skype username will be displayed on the phone's screen.
8. Continue to make and receive regular calls as you normally do
9. Make and receive Skype calls using your regular telephone
10. It works in any country.

Below is how this adaptor diverts the skype calls:

skype call comes---> skype call is diverted to home phone(we suppose you connect your home phone to the adaptor), then skype call is in the local telephone network(PSTN)

---> your home phone dials your cell phone(your cell phone's LCD will display your home phone's number), in fact, due to skype calls are in your local telephone system, so skype calls can reach any phone number as long as your home phone can reach.

Assuming L1 is your Verizon telephone number, the one "on the wall", L2 is the standalone telephone attached to the adaptor, and L3 is your cell number. Assuming that using the adaptor, you forward the calls to L3 after 5 rings.

a. if you receive a call on L1, L1 will ring b. if you receive a Skype call, L2 will ring, and after 5 rings, L3 will ring

if someone is using our AU-600, you can divert your skype calls to any phone number by his/her AU-600. For example: If John is using our AU-600, and you know John can be reached at 1-555-555-5555 at this monment and John does not configure his AU-600 to divert his skype to that phone number, then you can use John's AU-600(John does not need do anything) to forward your call, then your skype call can be forwarded to 1-555-555-5555. of course, You have to know John's password(AU-600).

If both sides are using this adaptor: For example, I am in the US and have this adapter. My friend in UK also has this adapter. If I set up the forwarding for both adapters, I can call from my cell phone to my friend's cell phone in UK. What I am thinking is: 1. I use my cell phone to call to make skype call from US. 2. My adapter will forward my call to Skype and connect to the my friend Skype in UK. 3. In UK, the adapter will forward the Skype to my friend's cell phone.

==> I can make a phone call from my cell phone to my friend's cell phone. The cost is: local cost from my cell phone to my landline + the local cost from my friend landline to his cell phone.

Download Skype AU-600 driver for Windows XP, updated on Sep 18 2006

Download Skype AU-600 driver for Windows Vista, updated on Jan 10, 2007

For installation,Trouble Shooting,FAQ, please see Skype adaptor User Manual.html , Skype adaptor User Manual.pdf, updated on Apr 26 06

Note: We update our software frequently, please download the latest software after skype releases a new version.